Literary Knitter for June

This month's literary knitter was sent to me by thesparklydatepalm. I had always wondered if anyone reads my literary knitters, and she obviously does. Although what she is doing in Dubai reading PG Wodhouse's golf stories is beyond me! Anyway, I'm glad she did as she came across this fabulous quote - its quite long so I've just put a taster in the literary knitter box, and the rest is here ...

"The girl seemed to like them both equally. They never saw her except in each other's company. And it was not until one day that Grace Forrester was knitting a sweater that there seemed to be a chance of getting a clue to her hidden feelings.
When the news began to spread through the place that Grace was knitting this sweater there was a big sensation. The thing seemed to us practically to amount to a declaration.
That was the view that James Todd and Peter Willard took of it, and they used to call on Grace, watch her knitting, and come away with their heads full of complicated calculations. The whole thing hung on one point - to wit, what size the sweater was going to be. If it was large, then it must be for Peter: if small, then James was the lucky man. Neither dared to make open enquiry, but it began to seem almost impossible to find out the truth without them. No masculine eye can reckon up purls and plains and estimate the size of chest which the garment is destined to cover. Moreover, with amateur knitters there must always be allowed a margin for involuntary error.
... Peter and James were accordingly baffled. One evening the sweater would look small, and James would come away jubilant; the next it would have swollen over a vast area, and Peter would walk home singing  ... In affairs of human tension there must come a breaking point ...
'To settle a bet' said James, 'will you please tell us who - I should say, whom - you are knitting this sweater for?'
'It is not a sweater,' replied Miss Forester, with a womanly candour that well became her. 'It is a sock. And it is for my cousin Juliet's youngest son, Willie'
'Good night', said James.
'Good night', said Peter.
'Good night', said Grace Forrester."

From P G Wodehouse's 'A women is only a women' in The Clicking of Cuthbert


  1. Nice! It just occurred to me that I need to add my knitting back into my blog. This week I will do just that! I'm about to finish my first baby blanket. I also have a sweater that just needs some repair after a horrible run-in with my friend's scissors. He saw the dangling ends and cut them off when I wasn't around. Sad sad sad.

  2. I'm glad you liked it - quite a sock clearly!


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