I'm Back ... again!

So it is will over three weeks since I announced by triumphant return to the blogosphere, and its fairly clear that I've not been blogging much, or indeed at all! I'm sorry, I could blame being busy at work (I am), and the stresses of moving (not quite so true), but mostly its because I've been away for the last couple of weekends.

First I went home to Wales, to visit the parentals and for the annual get together of my father's family. We had lovely sunny weather for once, and one day, after I left,  the rest of the party were able to have a luxuriant breakfast on the lawn.

Then last weekend,I hopped on the train down to Kerry, to meet up with my parents again and to visit some of my mum's family. Sadly the weather was not as nice as it had been in Wales, but we were able to get in a few walks.

As we were in Kerry it seemed to me that it would be plain rude not to visit the Kerry Woolen Mills ;)

The mill is located in a lovely range of buildings, down some country roads a few kilometers outside Killarney. The weavers were on their summer holidays, but I did get to poke my nose round the doors of the weavers shed and was very impressed by the number of looms and machines.

The mill shop had a selection of knitted goods, and more interestingly, from my point of view, knitting wool; their own spun aran weight. The range of colours was really good, and it was difficult to choose. (Well having gone all the way to Kerry, it seemed rude not to buy anything). In the end I settled on a light moss green (top right, of the left hand image below). I'm thinking of a nice cable cardigan - maybe this one, even though I know its the wrong weight wool.

As I was buying my wool I noticed a sign on the desk saying 'Please ask about our fabric?' ... well I think you know what is coming next! I was whisked away to the upstairs storage space where there were bales and bales of fantastic fabric - tweeds, wool silk and wool cashmere. I was really taken by some beautiful red and white hounds tooth fabric, and I think I might order myself some when I find the right pattern.


  1. I had better get you your commission soon or I will lose my role as fabric mule!

  2. Have you ordered the hound's tooth check fabric?


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