Slow, Slow and Slower

I've not posted much lately about my crafting enterprises, so I think a quick round up is needed. This absence is partly due to the fact that I have been very slow at completing anything.

I've been working on this very simple skirt for the last 5 months, and there really is no excuse for its taking me so long. I bought the fabric during a trip to Belgium and Holland last year, and just wanted a simple skirt from it. Originally I was going to make an a-line skirt and cut out the piece for this based on my own skirt block. When I got the pieces out again last weekend, I decided to change the pattern and make it a more like a pencil skirt, although not too close fitting. I think on the whole it worked out quite well. I've been wearing it to work this weeks with some deep purple kitten-heeled shoes and have been happily click-clacking my way around.

My next slow moving project is the vintage knitted vest, which I posted about here. Now there is a bit more of an excuse for my slow progress on this project, there are simply hundreds of rows of 1x1 rib ... in 4ply. But still, I think I am making a bit of a marathon out of it. I just need to knuckle down and get on with it. To speed myself along I've decided not to start any new knitting projects until this one is completed. 

The vest is knitted in one piece starting at the bottom of the front and working up to the shoulders and then down the back. As you can see, I'm about half way down the back, so I'm nearly there.

My final ongoing project, for which there is more excuse for the slow progress, is my sock blanket. Looking back I've not posted a picture of the blanket progress since July last year, when it looked like this

Now, it looks like this

Still a long way off my planned double bed size blanket, but moving in the right direction, if slowly.