Self-Stitched September '11 - Week 1

Its the end of my first (part) week of self-Stitched September '11 (SSS'11), and so far I've really been enjoying wearing more of my home made clothes. Here is a quick round up of what I've worn.

September 1st

This was quite an easy choice, as I wear this top quite often. Its made from India Sari fabric (from my fabric mule) using Amy Butler's Lotus Cami pattern. I love the pattern (I've made another top using it), the only difficulty is doing up the buttons on the back.

September 2nd
This top is quite similar to the last one, although it has been lingering in the back of my wardrobe since 2009. I designed and made it as part of the fashion design course I took in the Grafton Academy. I don't think I quite got the design right, the sleeves are too tight, and the shaping not quite right. The fabric is a charity shop purchased wrap-round skirt.

September 3rd
Party frock time! I love this dress, its made using Amy Butler love memento fabric and Colette's Crepe pattern. I only completed it two weeks ago, and I'll save the details for a separate post.

September 4th
Today, as I type, I'm wearing possibly one of my favourite handmade tops, and also one of the simplest. I made it at least fours years ago from a small piece of lace fabric. I cut the piece in half and sewed up the sides, leaving spaces for arms and a cowl type neck. You can tell how much I love it from the amount it has faded, it used to be a lovely vibrant lime green



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