Self-Stitched September '11 - Week 2

I've reached the end of the second week of self-stitched September, and am still managing to keep to my pledge of (at least) one self-stitched item a day. This week has, unintentionally, been all about the skirts, and unlike last week there is a bit more repetition of outfits.

September 5th

Monday's outfit featuring my self-stitched zebra skirt. The fabric was a gift from a friend, and there was just enough to make this little skirt. A sign of the changes of seasons, my black knee-height boots came out for the first time in months!

September 6th and 7th

On Tuesday and Wednesday my vintage knitted vest made its debut. I finished it a week ago, and I think it turned out really well, I'll put up some more details of this later. The skirt is one of my charity shops finds, its really a little too big for me, but I love it so pretend not to notice :)

September 8th and 9th

A bonus outfit with two self-stitched items, the skirt which I made quite recently (more details here) and the cardie which I made years ago. Every time I put on this cardie, I remember how much I like it, then it seems to disappear into my wardrobe and not get worn for months. I would never had thought of putting it with this skirt if it hadn't been for SSS'11, and I'm glad I did as I think the colours work well together.

September 10th and 11th

And finally, this weekend has seen the return of the zebra print skirt!