Making a Killing ... jumper

I'm a big fan of stats, the more complicated the better. When on a Sunday evening Downton Abbey ends and the boyfriend comes down to watch Match of the Day 2, I stay for the fantastic stats. (That the reasons, honest, it's not because I want to do some more knitting and am in a Sunday evening slump in front of the telly). Anyway, I like the stats that blogger provides. It tells me that I am not talking to myself, and that some people are listening. They also tell me that my most popular post by some way is the one in which I discuss Sara Lund's jumper in The Killing and my plans to make one.

Not wanting to be seen as playing to the crowd, I've now cast this on. Last mouth I went to one of the Constant Knitter's monthly tea parties/yarn orgies and picked up a lovely soft squidgy pile of Drop's Eskimo wool. Working using the charts available on ravelry, I've started on my own Killing Jumper. Its the first I've worked with out following a pattern (I like following instructions, I find it really comforting and reassuring) but  so far I'm finding it quite liberating working without one. I'm going for a combination of the two jumpers in the show, the pattern of the first one, with the brown and white colour scheme of the second.

This is what I have done so far...

I'm quite pleased on the whole, I've not done the best job with the pattern over the raglan increase, but it's not too bad. Also, if I was to make it again, I'd make the collar a bit shorter, but I'm not going back at this stage and it turns down well.


  1. I love the stats too. I'm perplexed by the number of people who are searching for "panda dogs" online!

  2. That is really really nice! I am going to have to look away now quickly as my list-of-awesome-sweaters-I-want is already way too long :)

  3. I buy! I buy! How much are you charging for these Lundalike masterpieces? Demand outstrips supply!


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