Re-thinking the triangle

I've never been very fond of the triangular shawl. I don't know why, I've never been subjected to making/wearing an especially hideous example. Indeed, the triangular shawl forms part of my national dress, the 'traditional' welsh costume

Clearly, I hope, this is not a photograph of me, I've done my best to suppress all images of me as a child in welsh costume. (No mother, they are not sweet!)

Welsh fashion on market day, 1851

I was not even convinced by Ms Middleton, who on one short trip to Waitrose did much to rescue the large triangular shawl from fashion oblivion. Its all a bit to big, green and frilly for me.

What has made me re-think the triangular shawl was the latest Jane Eyre film. I managed to tear my eyes away from Michael Fassbender long enough to notice the very nice little shawl Jane was wearing while hiding out with the Rivers on the moors.

A quick search of Ravelry showed that I was not the only person who was taken with the shawl. And, as the film came out in America some months ago, there are already several patterns available. I'm especially taken with Sunday Knits' pattern 'To Eyre'.

As is so often the case with Ravelry I also stumbled across a completely different pattern to what I was looking for. Coincidentally it is also another triangular shawl (I can't escape them today) and inspire by an early version of Jane Eyre.

Nebula Designs - Wandering the Moor based on a shawl worn by the Rivers sisters in the BBC miniseries of Jane Eyre made in 2006.

So from not liking triangular shawls at all, I know can't decide which to make ... any suggestions?


  1. I think you could get the top hat look going again. Take the world by storm!

  2. I like the 'Jane's Better Looking Sister Janet' one, it looks like it has a nice texture to it. Might be a bit boring to knit though.

  3. Oh, that ones pretty too ... not helping with the decison making thou!


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