Tuesday Knitters Night Out

Last Tuesday my usual Tuesday night knitting group went on an exciting knitting related expedition. Having been contacted by a group of visiting Canadian knitter, we agreed to meet them at their hotel, as there were so many of them we didn't think they would all fit into our normal venue.

We spent a very happy evening knitting in the lobby of the Mespil Hotel, with the Canadian knitters. As well as a few other knitters who happened to be staying in the hotel and spotted us. To be fair you could hardly miss us!

The visiting knitters were on an organised knitting tour of Ireland, and had been travelling round the country visiting knitting shops and mills. You can ready about their adventures here. (You'll also see where I took the pics from, but I forgot my own camera). It was really nice to meet the group, and with a shared interest in knitting we were able to start talking straight away, and not stop all night! Not a difficult task for some of those in my knitting group ;-) 

I really enjoyed the evening, and love the idea of 'knit-tourism'. In fact I think it would only be polite if the Dublin knitters headed of to Canada on a return visit. I'd also like to say thanks to Anne from Wool-Tyme, the leader of the group, who gave us all a nice little knitting gift from Canada.

Now I just need to knit a shawl to go with my new shawl pin, any excuse! 


  1. Wow, looks like ye had a fab time!

  2. *tear* I miss everyone! Great to see pictures. Please tell everyone I say hello!!!


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