Spinning - the final frontier?

The Sunday before last I went to Dublin's spinning group for the first time. I was convinced to come by R, who offered me a lift and promised me a trip to a museum afterwards. I had brought my knitting along, and intended to carry on with it quietly in a corner, but once I was there I was pounced upon and made to spin!

I've never spun before, and its not ever really appealed to me, which sounds odd as I love my knitting and sewing. I think that the time needed to spin enough yarn to make anything really puts me off, and to be honest I don't need another hobby!

So what do I think now I have had a go? I enjoyed the process of spinning, thanks in no small part to the excellent tuition of D, who made it all very easy and straight forward. And once you get into it, it is quite relaxing  and pleasant. I was very luck that Laura Hogan had some small bags of sample roving for the group, thanks Laura. Also R has lent me a drop spindle, so I can finish of what I started on Sunday. (Well I say lucky, clearly its a way to get me hooked, it's just peer pressure R, I know your type)

So with all this lining up in favour of spinning, have I changed my mind? Well, not really. I enjoyed the process of spinning, but that was never going to be the issue, as it does look quite fun. And I am quite proud of my small amount of spun yarn, which is no doubt very amateurish and lumpy. But I still don't feel the end product is worth the effort. I like a quick(ish) result. I like knitting and sewing as you can see the garment grow as you go along. I think, for me, spinning is too much like pattern drafting, I can do it and I can see why you might want to, but you can buy very nice yarn/patterns in the shop - and the quicker option appeals to me in this case.


  1. You are a great spinner! Give it another chance ;)

  2. Very proud of you for trying, and don't think of spinning as another hobby. Think of it is another social outting... The Dublin Spinning group meet once a month :)


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