Thank you mum!

This post is a special one to say thanks to my mum. There are many reasons why my mum deserves thanks, but this time its knitting related and horribly overdue!

Some time ago, in fact in May, I posted about the buttons I had just selected for a new garment and said 'I am so pleased [with the item that] I am going to give it a whole post of its own soon'! Well, I think the phase 'better late than never' springs to mind, as over six month later I finally write the post.

When I was home last Xmas my mum showed me some Sirdar Hug, which she had brought to make something for herself, and then decided she didn't like it. Instead, she said that if I could find a pattern she would knit me something. I know, what a lovely mum. 

A quick search on Ravelry later and I selected the Heather Hoodie Vest. It turned out to be quite hard to track down the pattern, as it was published at the end of 2009, but with the help of some fellow ravelers I laid my paws on a copy.

A few click clacks of mum's knitting needles later and my brand new Heather Hoodie arrived in the post. Mum hadn't found any button she liked to finish of the top, so I raided by button tin. Although I couldn't find a matching set, I am pretty pleased with my 'harlequin' set 

My hoodie finally had its first proper outing last weekend (I'm so ashamed it has taken so long) when I went to my first spinning group (the craft not the exercise). 

Pretty good no? I'm very pleased with it, and happy to say that knitting wise my mum taught me all I know!


  1. You wore this on Sunday last, it looks FAB on you!

  2. lovely to see the hoodie in use - learnt a lot knitting it - using a long circular needle and the neat casting off for the shoulders.


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