Another seasonal treat

I've celebrated this cold and wet weekend by having a second attempt at making a Chocolate Yule Log. My first attempt was this time last year, and I burnt the sponge. I was planning to have a second go at the cake then, but I broke my wrist in last years snow and that rather upset my plans. 

This years attempt was much more successful, I didn't burn anything. However, much like the contestants in the Great British Bake Off earlier in the year, I had considerable trouble with the rolling up. It was more strips of sponge held together with whipped cream, then a roll of cream and sponge. So, no before pictures, but there is an after shot, with all the mistakes hidden by a layer of chocolate icing.

What I've learnt, butter cream icing hides a multitude of sins, and that this cake is really just a vehicle for whipped cream and chocolate butter cream icing, YUMMY!