Handmade Christmas Gifts III - Stash Busting

This is the last reviews of this Christmas's handmade gifts (the earlier posts are here and here). All of the projects on this post were excellent stash busters.

Skinny Clapoccinie - a thinner version of the now classic clapotis, made from some charity shop sourced sock wool.

This sting bag is made of some swapped cotton yarn, using this free pattern. Again it was using up some yarn which was left over from another project.


I think these are probably the items I'm most pleased with of all the gifts I made. I found the pattern in book I took out of my local library Joel Dewberry's Sewn Spaces. The book is very attractive to look out, and contains a number of nice little patterns for around the home, all made of very lovely fabric which helps.

These little birds are very simply and quickly made from small pieces of fabric. In the case of the four above the fabric is left over from other projects; from left to right - a waistcoat for my dad, a chair seat, my new PJs and my summer sari dress. In all three cases the bottom oval shaped piece is made from pieces of silk from a fabric sample book I found in a skip. So very thrifty gifts altogether :)

I filled all the birds with toy stuffing and dry lavender, so they have a range of different uses - from pin cushions to lavender bags to ornaments.

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Well that's Christmas over for another year ... now on with this years projects, all adhering to my New Year's 'resolutions', of course!


  1. Ooh I like the birds!
    Really must sort out my resolutions before January is over.

  2. I thought you had some crazy plan to 'stash down' :)

  3. Yes that is resolution number one. Also self stitched is resolution number two. I'm sure there were more.

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