How do you knit?

I've always been aware that nearly everyone knits slightly differently, in the way they hold the needles and yarn. It is really interesting when teaching people to knit to see they variety of different ways people develop to hold their knitting. However, I've never really considered trying to describe how I held my needles until the end of last year. Over Christmas I was knitting a jumper, when a family friend who was staying suddenly exclaimed;

'You knit just like I do ... like a hedgehog riding a bicycle!'

What a description! I was slightly nonplussed at first by this statement, but when I began to think about it, I could see some sense. For a start I do hold the needles in much the same way as bicycle handles, with my hands over the top and round the needles.

The hedgehog piece is a little more confusing. I decided in the end, it could refer to the small spiky movements I make to wrap the yarn around the needles in making each stitch.

What ever the meaning you want to put on the words, I'm delighted with the idea that I knit like a hedgehog riding a bicycle. Anyone else have any nice descriptions of how they knit? Or perhaps a different interpretation of the description of how I knit?

This was the only picture of a hedgehog on a bike I could find!