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I'm a little late on the band wagon with the New Year looking back/making resolutions posts, and most of the snappy titles have already gone. It also appears that I have been a bit lazy this last year as some of the sewing bloggers I look at have produced over 50 projects this year, and one was into the 70s! Crikey, I really need to pull my finger out this year.

Last year, according to MySewingCircle, I completed 15 sewing projects which is not to bad. I also think that not everything I made this year is on there, so I might be pushing 20 projects. Without a doubt my favorite was my memento dress.

On the knitting front, Ravelry informs me that I have 26 projects completed this year, which seems to be about my average. I was going to do complicated sums to find out how much yarn I had knitted in the last year, but I can't find my calculator! My favorite knitted item is certainly my Killing Jumper, which is keeping me warm this winter. This is closely followed by the foxy whiskered gentleman hat, which I will be posting about soon.

As for the next year, I have a few 'resolutions' or perhaps guiding principles;

Knit selfishly - I feel like I've not knitted something for myself for ages. This is partly as a result of the sock marathon I took on in the run up to Christmas. I've already started on this while I was at home for Christmas, as I'm 3/4 of a way through a new jumper. 

De-Stash - Ah, the knitters favorite resolution, but [more] realistic this time as at least part of my stash is ear marked for nice project for myself. In terms of space, I need to get a handle on my fabric stash, which is growing at an alarming rate.
Back to the Blanket - I feel I have been ignoring my sock yarn blanket and that I need to get back on this project or it is never going to get finished. I'd [tentatively] like to say that I will get to the half way point this year.

Think before you start - My sewing especially seems to result in party dresses (lovely but not everyday items) and separates that don't match anything else in my wardrobe. So this year, I will try make items which are more wearable everyday, and fit in better with what I already have, so I have more chance to wear them. Again, I'm off to a good start as over the holidays I made two pairs of jeans. But as with most resolutions I expect I'll fall of the good intentions band wagon very soon.


  1. I discovered the meaning of the word cynocephaly this Christmas!

  2. I really need to make some resolutions too. I like your ones. Are we doing Self Stitched 2012?!


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