Rose Colette Macaron

This is a mix of a final Me Made May post, and a pattern review. I actually made this dress a month of two ago, but I've had to wait until it finally stopped raining and the sun came out for me to give it a proper outing.

The pattern is the second Colette dress pattern I have used, see here for my Colette Crepe dress. This time I decided to give Colette's Macaron a go, described as 'a flattering and curvy dress. Includes a bodice fitted with darts, along with a contrasting top yoke, sleeves, and narrow midriff band. Short sleeves are gently scalloped along the sleeve hem, echoing the shape of the bodice'. The ever practical Colette have include pockets in the pattern, this time cunningly hidden in the front pleats.

As with my previous experience of Colette patterns, I was really pleased. The pattern was well designed, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. My main issues, I think, resulted from my choice of fabric.  I used some brightly pattern lawn, provided by my faithful fabric mule. (Its part of a Salwar Karmeez set which means I not only get two piece of matching fabric, but also a matching shawl - although I think it might be a bit OTT if I wear the shawl with the dress!)  Although lovely, it is very light weight and I don't think it is quite strong enough to hold the structured pleats of the skirt. I also thinking its just on the edge of being too short (I normally like to hide my knees), but this is personal preference and I should have thought about it before I started. 

Would I make this again? I think I probably will - I think I would use a slightly heavier weight fabric, which I think should work with the pattern better. I think the plain fabric york and the patterned skirt works well and I'd certainly use the plain/patterned combination again.  Possibly with spots,  I've seen other examples with spots which work well, and can a girl ever have too many spotty dresses?

Or spotty jump suits? Sorry couldn't resist a (not entirely relevant) picture of spotty man - a childhood favorite.

In other news - With the fine weather finally arriving in Ireland, and having foraged out a supply of elderflower, I've been bottling the late spring and have made my first batch of elderflower cordial for the summer. You can fine my how to post on making elderflower cordial here.   


  1. Elderflowers not ready on Chippie but first batch made at Les Sarziers.


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