I'm just back for a short break in Barcelona - sun, sea and beer (not being keen on sangria). 

By a happy chance, it turned out that the apartment I had found was very close to the street in Barcelona which seems to house many of the city's fabric shops, what a happy coincidence!

Anyway, it seemed rude not to visit the shops as I was so close. The best of the four or five on the street (Roger da Lluria) was Ribes & Casals, which I think from there website has been in existence since 1933. The shop was huge - with tables and tables, and shelves and shelves of fabric, it was a little overwhelming. Given that I only had carry-on luggage for the flight home, I had to keep my purchasing under control. In the end, I picked these two. I'm planning on a top from the green and white spotted jersey, and maybe trousers or a dress from the red.

But what's in the paper bag I hear you ask? Well, while wondering through the medieval streets of Barcelona I stumbled upon Nunoya. It imports and sells Japanese fabric, clothing and other fabric made bits and pieces. It is such a nice shop, with a lovely range of patterned fabrics, mostly cottons. Again, there was a bewildering array of choice, and I felt rather like a kid in a candy store. When I had finally calmed down, I was able to make some decisions on which fabrics I liked best, and what I would make from them.

I've enough to make a skirt from the flowered brown fabric, and I'm thinking a skirt or maybe some shorts from the elephants. See, not crazy purchases, I have plans (of sorts) for everything I bought.  Well alright, I admit the blue elephant ribbon was a last minute impulse buy, but it was so cute, and what's is a girl to do?