Dublin Sew-in: July and August

July's Dublin Sew-in, focusing on re-fashioning, was a great success. The sewing machines were whirring as cushions were turned into bags, dresses into skirts, skirts were up-cycled, and a t-shirt turned into a vest top - those of you on ravelry can check out the fantastic new vest top here!

My project was a retro dress I picked up in Oxfam Home for a couple of euro. Although I really like the colour, and the trim around the neck and the waist, but I found the amount of fabric in the sleeves a little over whelming.

The lovely Theresa from The Sewing Room, gave me some great advice on how to alter the sleeves and still be able to move my arms. As well as making the sleeves less full, I aslo shortened them so they stop at the elbow. I got one sleeve done on the evening, and started on the second, but there are some other alterations that need  to be done as well, including putting in a new zip (not my favourite task).

If you couldn't make the July Sew-in, the date for the August Sew-in has already been set. We are going to be meeting on Friday 24th August in The Constant Knitter, from 5pm. The organisers of HandmAid Craft Day have asked if we will make some fabric bunting to decorate the hall this year. So August Sew-in will be a bunting bonanza, please bring along any fabric scraps you have to spare.  For those that missed HandmAid last year, its a fantastic craft related day held to raise money for charity in Damer Hall on Stephen's Green. This year it will held on Saturday 22 September. There are craft classes, a bake-sale, and a market stall selling yarn and fabric made goodies. More details here.


  1. Maybe I'll make a trip to Dublin that weekend to see your bunting.


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