The edge of a sewing precipice

Since I've gotten seriously into sewing in the last couple of years, and started following a number of sewing blogs, I have marvelled at those dedicated sewing enthusiasts who make all, or nearly all, of there clothes. Some of them have taken the seamless pledge, and have forsworn buying clothes in favour of making, thrifting and swapping them. 

When I first started sewing in my teens I tended to focus on easy items such as PJ trousers - I've not bought any of these in years, dresses for special occasions and, well, what can best be described as 'novely items' - thick pink fur combat trousers anyone? And, yes I have worn them - for a whole day at school on non-uniform day, it was very warm! In more recent years I moved into making more complex and also more everyday items, and more often I am able to look falsely modest and say - 'this, well, um, I made it myself'.

Increasingly when I go clothes shopping, which is not very often - I'm terrible at shopping, I walk round the shops going - 'muh, I could make that', or 'hum, that so badly made it won't last two washes'. I hadn't realised how bad it had become until I needed to buy myself some new jogging bottoms. Its not that I couldn't find any, it was just I looked at them all and thought 'I could make that', and I just couldn't bring myself to buy them.

As a result, and I really can't believe I'm typing this, I'm going to make myself from jogging bottoms! Madness, but its was much easier to go to a fabric shop and buy some nice jersey fabric, than it was to buy a pair of jogging bottoms. Plus, I already have a pattern in the stash, Simplicity 5353. A remnant from one of my earlier novelty projects - for my twenty-first some friend gave my some purple fleece with dancing cows on, and it seemed only sensible to make myself a hoodie from it!

I fear this may be the edge of a sewing precipice, and there will be no looking back. Jogging bottoms today, tomorrow ...  maybe the whole wardrobe?


  1. Go for the whole wardrobe!! (and then blog it plz so we can all copy you)


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