July - Dublin Sewing Meet-Up

The date has been set for the next Dublin Sewing meet-up. It will take place on Friday 20th July from 5pm in The Studio above The Constant Knitter on Francis Street.

This month's meeting is going to focus on re-fashioning, up-cycling, what ever you like to call it. So bring along something from your wardrobe that is in need of a bit of TLC, or that charity shop purchase which is just not right, and pick the brains of the other 'sewistas' on how to kick strat your re-fashioning project!

There will also be a shared stash of haberdashery to help get re-fashioning projects under way, and any contributions to this shared stash will also be welcome.

To get you in the mood for re-fashioning there are a couple of, hopefully, inspirational sites here, here, here and here.

Any questions, just drop me a line.