What's in my knitting basket?

Having finished by Cladonia shawl a couple of weeks ago, I've broken with my usual practice and started on a number of new projects, rather than having just one on the go. As a result my knitting basket is positively bulging with projects, either started, planned or stalled. So what is in my basket?

My first project is a special request, a second and larger pirate jumper. You can see details of my first jumper here, and the imitation it inspired here. This jumper has been such a success with the recipient, I've been asked to make a larger version, as the first one is getting too small.

Owing to a miss-calculation in the amount of blue wool I would need, I temporally ran out of wool earlier in the week, and so had to start on a new project. After diving into my stash for odd balls in need of a project, and undertaking a ravelry pattern search, I came up with this cute little fair isle hat.

Well searching for a project I also came across a left over ball from my vintage spring top, I thought it would work well for the Sunday Pictorial Beret, also from a Stitch in Time 2. One ball won't be quite enough, so I've bought a second, this time in a light blue, to make a green and blue striped beret.

The rest of the items in my knitting basket are less delightful. There is the body of my acer cardigan which I started in February, and abandoned after I made the first sleeve to small to fit into the arm hole opening! GRRRRRRR!

I also have an even sadder sight than an incomplete, and temporally abandoned cardigan, a pile of frogged Noro silk garden. It is the remnants of a birthday present from my mum, a lovely tank top, which tragically was just too small. So, after lengthy knitter to knitter consultation, I have frogged it back and am going to start again :(


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