The road to my sewing room is paved with good intentions

When I set out on a new sewing project I always have good intentions to take my time and do things properly, but invariably the good intentions fall by the road side as I rush through the project and cut corners. It seems that I am not the only one as this post, and the resultant comments, on the Coletterie shows. I like Sarai's idea of tackling one bad habit at a time, so that the new good habit becomes second nature. Her first one is certainly one I need to address - clip treads as you go. I'm very bad at this and always seem to find treads dangling of my creations days, if not weeks later. So my first monthly sewing habit resolution is sew, clip, press as I go.

On a wave of good intentions I spent an hour yesterday sorting out my stash, filling up a bag with donations for HandmAid in September. This exercise made me realise that although my knitting stash is under control, my stash of fabric is getting really out of control. As a result I have set a second good intention, although this one will have to last longer than a month, between every project I buy fabric for I will (endeavour) to sew at least two from my stash. And as I have just finished a project I bought fabric for, I'll have to get started on some projects from my stash.


  1. I love your second good intention. It's hard to knit exclusively from my stash. There's always something I want to make that I don't have the right yarn for. But if I knit 2 projects from my stash and then I can buy new yarn. It's still two out before one in. Perfect!!

    1. I know it sounds great in theory - now I just need to put this in to practice!


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