Corsets .. again

In April last year I attended a course on the history and techniques of corset making. I said afterward that I might have a go at making my own corset. Alas, like so many of my good intentions I didn't actually get round to doing so. As a result when The Sewing Room (above the Constant Knitter) advertised a corset making workshop I couldn't resist.

Half way through - look now hanging threads
The course was excellent, Theresa was very well organised and all the material ready, with pieces cut out in our size, for a Victorian corset.  She is a great teacher, talking us through each stage and then letting us work away at our own pace. My main mistake was getting my busk (the piece down the front with the fasteners) on the wrong way round, not a surprise as I always have trouble with my right and left. I was, however, very good at my latest good sewing intention to cut my thread as I worked. I'd like to say this is because I'm getting better at this in general, but I think it was more due to being in a classroom like situation, and having always been a bit of a swat at school. I didn't want to expose myself as having bad sewing habits!

I just about finished in the day - I still had a bit of hand sewing to finish off at home, which I did that evening. I'm really pleased with the result, and I might well wear it. I'm not sure I would where it as outwear, but I might wear it as underwear - as it was originally intended. I enjoyed making it, and I might (famous last words) make another corset in the future. I'd certainly be much more confident about putting boning into dress having worked with it in this project.

In other news - my copy of Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing  arrived in the post this morning, I am very excited by my first flick though, if slightly intimidated.