Nicholas Bullen's Making lingerie and nightwear

When I saw the faded spine of this book nestled amongst the eclectic selection of books in my local charity shop this morning I couldn't resist a closer look. One glance of the frankly amazing accompanying photographs and I couldn't resist.

According to the introduction;
Now that the rage for functional unisex clothes has abated there is a revived interest in uncompromisingly 'feminine' styles .. so much so, in fact, that many articles of previously considered strictly as underwear have appeared provocatively in high fashion .. [and] have revived the marked for exotic and extravagant lingerie'
Well with all the frills, lace and ribbon these designed are certainly 'uncompromisingly feminine' and 'extravagant', although I'm not so sure about the exotic and high fashion - but then the book is from 1979, and could certainly be described as 'dated'.

Although the style, with the excessive frills and furbelows, is not really mine, some of the basic shapes are not bad, and the excesses could be stripped backed and simplified, and I might just find a project or two in the book.

On the other hand if the patterns don't work out, one the photos suggests an interesting new idea for our next Dublin sewing meet-up, embroidering in frilly negligees anyone?


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