Fabric shopping in Brussels

In November we popped over to Brussels to visit a friend who has just moved over there. While the boyfriend was off exploring Belgium breweries and beer, I went fabric shopping. Armed with some Internet research, I knew where to head. A little bit out of the center but well worth the trek is Les Tissues de Chein Vert.

Oh my goodness this is one of the biggest fabric shops I have ever been it, so big it has several boats in the shop as decorative items. I had to walk round a couple of times before I could take it all in! If the main section wasn't big enough, there is a section at the bag called the dogs flees where all the end of stock/lines and remnants are. Sadly, I was flying with RyanAir and I didn't have room for much fabric, in the end I just picked up on piece of patterned jersey. I'm thinking of a really snazzy dress for myself.

Another reason I couldn't fit too much more in my suitcase was that my friend is living near the African district in Brussels, and I have stocked up on some exciting African waxed fabric.

Although I love the fabrics, the crazy patterns and colours can be a bit daunting, and have put me off in the past but this time I decided to just go for it. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to make with these fabric, but I do have a lot of weddings to go to next year and the blue, purple and gold fabric should make a pretty exciting wedding outfit. 

No trip to Brussels for me would be complete without a trip to the Museum of Costume & Lace. Its a fantastic little museum, with a beautiful collection which they display to great advantage in their exhibitions. This year the exhibition was Panniers, Stays and Jabots and made use of their beautiful 18th century costumes. On past visits I've seen exhibitions on the New Look and the 1960s fashion, and when I saw they had reduced the exhibition catalogues for these two, I couldn't resist. Two little books of dress design inspiration! 



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