New year's introspective naval gazing #1

Because of the tight deadline for my first wedding outfit of the year I've not yet had a chance for that favourite new year's past time of introspection and setting good intentions. 

To start of this year's process I've decided to look at my successes of the past year, my top three sewing projects for last year were ... (drum roll please) 

My tracksuit - I can't believe I'm saying this but I love my tracksuit. Every time I put it on for my Pilates class on Mondays it just makes me smile, partly because I like it so much but also because I MADE IT. (and yes I do look that smug when I wear it!)

Secondly, my '60s vintage spotty dress, I loved wearing this to the wedding in June, and without the petticoat as a summer dress. Plus, given the number of weddings I've got to attend this year, its probably going to get another outing this year.

Finally my favorite item, and probably the one I wear most often, my Africa fabric dress. Which oddly enough I've failed to blog about. My best friend Dilly gave me this fabric last year. Although I really liked it I wasn't sure what to do with it. A quick read through a few sewing blogs and I knew exactly what to do, a fifties style dress with a tight waist and wide skirt, a la SoZoe

The pattern, Simplicity 4070, is one I have used before with great success. The only change I made was to add little capped sleeves. I love everything about this dress, the fabric, the shape, the way the skirt hangs, that it's smart enough for work but not too formal, it's just fantastic.

I had much more trouble choosing my favourite knitting projects of 2012, and a look through ravelry showed me that I've just not knitted that much this year. Of what I have made my three favourites were ...

And finally my fair isle jumper

I completed this at the end of last year. I started it on my ferry journey home for Christmas. I got a fair amount of it done on the journey. Starting from the bottom I knitted through a lot of beige and was beginning to wonder if I was going to like this jumper. But once I (finally) got to the detailed work on the neck, the sea of beige didn't look so bad. Since I put the jumper on Christmas eve, I hardly taken it off! (as you might guess from the picture I'm wearing it now)