What's in the box?

Well, the contents of this unassuming cardboard box happen to be pretty exciting ... it's my new sewing machine! 

I've been contemplating getting a new machine for a little while, but the final push came when my old singer broke down again, and it had to make another expensive trip to the repair shop. I've been coveting a Bernina for ages, I've been green with envy of my friend D's for years. A quick read of one or two sewing blogs and I knew which Bernina was for me. The 1008 - the 'legendary' and 'classic' - fully mechanical with 16 stitches and button hole function, it has everything I need. 

Now all I need to do is decide which of the many potential projects I've lined up I'll begin first. Here's to the start of a long and fruitful sewing partnership.