Father's new socks

Another year, another pair of hand knitted sock for my papa. This year I decided not to make them for Christmas (as I've spent too many Christmas Eve's rushing to finish them with all the other knitted gift) but for his Birthday. Even so, I was still a little late finishing them, but they are now keeping his toes snug and warm.

The pattern is from Susan Crawford's Vintage gift to knits, and is appropriately enough called 'Father's new socks'. I used three balls of Lang Jawoll, two of the main and one of the contrast. My dad's feet are enormous just over a metric foot (twelve and a half inches), I had to add quite a bit of length to the foot and as a result only just had enough of the main colour. This is the first time I've used Lang Jawoll, I really like the colours and the feel of it.  The little reel of strengthening yarn for the heel and the toe is a great idea (even if I didn't find it for a while), and the socks are machine washable so my mum will be happy. One of the first pairs I made for my dad were handwash only, and mum was not happy!

I like the pattern design on the socks, and it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is, which is always good. The socks are also worked on 3.25mm which means they work up quickly. Because the pattern is only worked across the top of the foot and not the bottom, the construction from the heel down is a bit unusual. The sole of the foot is worked first in just the main colour, then the top is worked in the pattern, picking up stitches from the side of the sole piece as you go to join the top and bottom together. I was worried this would create a bit of a ridge along the side of the sock and would be uncomfortable, but with a bit of care this wasn't a problem. Papa says that their is not a problem with the side of the socks and he seems very happy with them.

I really like this pattern, it looks harder than it is (always good) and given the size of sock I had to make, they knitted up quickly! I've a few other potential patterns for future socks for dad, but I might well come back to this one in the future. 

In other news, I've been home in Wales handing over the socks and checking out the wool shops, I've also finished my Sew for Victory dress but I'm waiting for a chance to take some better photos before I displaying it to the adoring multitudes.


  1. poor fat cat,what about the other 2 paws?

  2. Glorious socks Harriet, and a very happy papa by the looks of things


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