Milk bottles, clocks and mannequins - 12 decades of design

The Guardian Weekend magazine had an interesting article today on changes in design over the last 12 decades. They took a number of items, including milk bottles, swimming costumes, clocks, phones and mannequins, and looked at examples of each from the last 12 decades. If you've not see the article you can watch a slide show of the images here (the mannequins start at 1.30mins and the swim suits at 2.18).

While the clocks probably reflect the clearest changes in style over the period and the hearing aid the huge developments in technology, I found the changes in the shapes of the mannequins fascinating.

Sorry its not a great photo
The changes in the silhouette considered desirable changes really quickly, look at the difference in the waist on the 1910 and 1920 example. Although the waist is the most obvious change the size and height of the bust moved quite a bit, and the stance of the figure becomes much more relaxed from the 1960s. I think I like the slightly saucy 1940s mannequin best, what about you?