Phew ... its been a busy weekend!

I've had a busy time this weekend, but its been a good one. On Saturday morning we were up early(-ish) to head out to IKEA. While I like IKEA, I can find the whole experience a bit overwhelming, especially when its busy, but it wasn't too bad this weekend. We picked up what we were looking for, including two thin Billy bookcase. Once they were up, I spent a happy afternoon reorganising my books. I now have space for all my sewing and knitting books were I can see them, and all my cookery books are in the kitchen.

This last proved very helpful as I embarked on a baking frenzy on Sunday morning! I'd planned to make some bread and was looking for something to watch while I worked and found old episodes of The Great British Bake Off on BBC iplayer. My morning was complete, and it wasn't just bread I ended up baking.

Spelt and ale loaf from Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet
Chocolate cherry gingers from Alexa Johnston's Second Helpings. More from Ladies, a plate
I also made a very tasty rhubarb and ginger steamed pudding. Although delicious, it has a rum and ginger caramel sauce so how could it not be, it was extremely unphotogenic, so didn't make the cut!
Just to prove I am an ideal contestant for a Great British Bake Off Sewing Bee mash-up, I dusted the flour of my hands and picked up the needle. I've been without my sewing machine for over a week, as we had guests staying last week and everything sewing related had to be tidied away to make space. But, I'm back on the waggon now, so here is a sneaky peak of my latest project.

However, if I thought my weekend was busy it was nothing compared to Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille. Having organised the fantastic Sew for Victory Sew Along, Rochelle was a victim of her own success as she had nearly 500 photos in the flickr pool to sort through to put together the final project parade. You can see her lovely final video here. (Look out for a familiar face at the 3.28 minute mark).