I'm back, not just to the blog but from a weeks holidays in Lanzarote. Sun, sea, sand and ... well not sangria as I'm not the biggest fan, but certainly cocktails! Although we had plenty of time to organise a holiday, we're not fantastic at organising things, and so we booked the holiday three days before we left - last minute holidays deals are the way to go!

With only a few days notice, I decided to head out to the shops to see if I could find a nice new holiday outfit. I tried on a few dress which looked nice on the hanger, but on the first one the finishing was so bad the hemline was all over the place. A couple of the others were nice, but would have needed a quick stitch here or there, to make them as I wanted. In the end I gave up and went home to me sewing machine and my fabric stash.

So I'm pretty pleased with this outfit, not a dress I admit, but that comes later. The top is a Sewaholic Renfrew, made from some light purple jersey fabric. The renfrew is a great basic t-shirt pattern, and I've plans to make a few more. 

The shorts are Burda 7991, a pattern which I have had in my stash for years. The fabric is some that I picked up on my summer holiday last year. Its kind of hard to see in the photo above, but the fabric has red and blue elephants on it - so these are my ele-pants (full credit to the boyfriend for this terrible pun!)

I just about got the shorts out of 1.5m of fabric, I had to make some slight alterations to the pocket designs. The pattern is great, and with all Burda patterns the instructions are fairly clear. If I was to use the pattern again, which I think I will possibly for some jeans, I would need to make some changes to the crotch depth (I believe that is the technical term) which is a little on the snug side.

I also whipped up a dress before the holiday, a halter neck sun dress. This was not a success, I was a bit rushed for time and I made the top to big across the bust and it wasn't really wearable :( However, I think I have enough fabric left over to make a new top for the dress and redeem the situation.