Failing to 'fall for cotton', and what the postman brought

After the success of her Sew for Vintage sewalong, Lucky Lucille has decided to run another sewalong challenge; Fall for Cotton. Now, I loved my participation in Sew for Victory, so I was very keen to sign up. The plan is simple, during September sew something in cotton.

Simple? That's what I thought, I picked a pattern, Simplicity 3673 - a 1950s retro pattern, and headed out to the fabric stores. I've had the pattern in my stash for a while, and have been planning a black corduroy version of the wider skirt dress - Perfect! Well no, not a single of Dublin's fabric shops could sell me any black cotton corduroy, or any kind of black corduroy! The kind people in Murphy Sheehy are ordering some in for me, but it could take a week or two. 

Hum ... a re-think is needed. While I might not have been able to get hold of black corduroy, I do have some grey, flower patterned cotton corduroy which I bought to make a new bag. The pattern is The 'too cool for school' satchel from Lisa Lam's A bag for all reasons. The description of the pattern states 'the design is based on the traditional leather satchels used by English school children and professors alike. There is something so romantic about old-fashioned school uniforms'.  Traditional, old-fashioned and romantic - sounds just about perfect!

Which brings us on to what the postman brought. Last week I ordered some purple leather buckles for my new satchel, and while I was on-line I started looking at some other sewing notions and patterns I might 'need'. I managed to hold myself back and not order too much, just a couple of little treats for myself.


  1. There was NOTHING romantic about school uniforms as I recall!! Where did you get those lovely purple buckles though? Currant

    1. Well, I don't know, I've heard you and mum reminisce about those gym slips!

      The buckles are from, they have them in lots of lovely colours


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