Radio silence

It has been a little quiet around here recently, a month and a day since my last post. Although it has been quiet on the blogging front, other sides of my life have been rather busy. The boyfriend and I have taken the plunge, and bought a house. 

I've never been thought the process of buying a house before, and I can honestly say it was a stressful and unpleasant experience. Everything seems to take a week longer than it should, and our bank veered from unhelpful to incompetent. But, in the end, it was all done. We moved in the weekend before last, and I'm loving my new home.

We bought a 1930s semi with 3 beds, and the decor is, I think the kind term would be, dated. But, this gives me the opportunity to take on some new crafting challenges in re-designing and re-decorating. Once we have had the electrics re-done. Plus, as we have a third bedroom, I get to have the box room as my crafting room! 

Packing up everything for the move, was not fun, and did force me to come face to face with the extent of my stash, which is ... um, extensive.

At least it looked that way when it was all boxed up, but surprisingly it (nearly) all packed away fairly neatly into a handy sideboard/cupboard thing which came with the house. 

As a result of the move the last few weeks have been fail crafting free, although I have managed to finish off a couple of knitting projects that have been outstanding for quite a while, but more on that next time.


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