Did I finish my Christmas Jumper for my Chrsitmas party?

Well, it was a close run thing in the end but I did just about manage to finished my Christmas Jumper in time for my Christmas party on Thursday. I was helped by being stuck down with a cold the week before last which meant I spent most of the weekend on the sofa in front of the TV knitting. Then, just as I was getting close to finishing I decided to go an see the new Disney film Frozen after work on Wednesday, resulting in my staying up rather late that evening to sew all the pieces together. But the jumper was in one piece on Thursday morning, even if there were still some ends to be woven in, and I had to use a safety pin instead of buttons.

Here it is in all its glory (now fully finished with buttons and everything) and I have to modestly say it is pretty glorious. I'm so glad that I made this jumper, and that I made the change to the length (details here) without which it really would not have been wearable. I also added some length to the sleeves, which probably wasn't necessary but I do like my sleeves a little on the long side.

I did find the sleeve construction a little odd, but I followed the instructions and it worked out OK, although my seems didn't quite match and I didn't make the neatest job of sewing the box pleat like shaping at the sleeve head. Also, when I first put the jumper on I did feel the sleeves made my shoulders seem VERY wide, but I think that's just me and I'm getting use to the look.

I made my jumper from Drops Baby Merino, which is reasonably priced, machine washable and very soft, so the jumper is both practical and cosy. Drops Baby Merino is one of my favourite wools and I use it a lot, especially for baby knits. With baby knits I always think machine washable is essential.

The jumper has buttons on the back, and I found some lovely vintage white buttons in my stash, which had been given to me by my boyfriend's granny, who sent me a huge box of buttons a few years ago.

Overall, apart from the my issue with the length of the jumper (solved by adding in a fourth repeat of the front pattern) I found this pattern very easy to follow and a lot of fun to knit. I love the pattern on the front and the sleeves, and I'm looking forward to wearing this jumper to lots of Christmas parties this year!

And, for those who are interested I loved Disney's Frozen it was a really fun and visually beautiful film, I watched it in 2D so can't comment on the 3D effects. Plus, there was some nice knitwear in the film, especially in Oaken's Shop.