Knitted Christmas Decorations

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, or Little Christmas as it is know in Ireland, marking the day when the three kings visited Jesus, and the last of the 12 days of Christmas.

So what better day to post about knitted Christmas decorations?

Part of the reason I'm only posting about these now is that I was a little behind with knitting them. With all the effort to get my Christmas Jumper finished I had a bit of a pre-Christmas knitting slump. I had very good intention after last year's very quick DIY decorations to knit a couple of Christmas baubles during the year, but as with many good intentions, there was a lack of follow through.

Since I got back to Dublin last week I have thrown myself into knitted bauble construction and have created five new decorations out of scraps of aran/worsted weight wool and this very handy free pattern. I didn't have any styroform balls so I just used toy stuffing, which makes a nice soft, if not completely spherical bauble.

Because my boyfriend likes a gaudy Christmas tree, I've 'blinged' them up with some sequins which I found in my sewing box.

You can't see so well in this photograph but the reindeer have red sequins on their noses to make them Rudolfs. Although I do like my Rudolfs, the snowflake design is certainly my favourite, but I can't decide which of the two I like best.

I really enjoyed making these, and there are a lot of other pretty bauble patterns available so I will certainly be making some more this year. I'd like to say I'll get started on them nice and early this year, but honestly I guess it will be a last minute rush ... again.