1970s pattern haul

On my way to knitting on Saturday I popped into the run of charity shops on Camden and Georges Street, and in one hit the jackpot with a haul of 1970s sewing patterns. 

There are quite a few for dresses, and although I'm not sure if I will ever make them they were very cheap and the patten illustrations are lovely. And, if those are not formal enough how about this collection of bride and bridesmaid's dresses.

More practical is this 1971 coat pattern, especially as my plans for this year include getting to grips with outerwear

and coincidentally, I also have some underwear on my planned project list for this year,

The final pattern is a Vogue reprint from 1931.

It is a beautiful dress, although I'm not sure I have the figure or the occasion to wear it. I really like the top of the dress, and wonder if it could be turned into top?


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