Mrs Roby - February Literary Knitter of the Month

I've always liked listening to audio books, and last year I treated myself to a subscription to Audible. I get one book a month, which depending on how much knitting and sewing I do just about lasts me the month. I'm working my way through Anthony Trollope's Palliser novels. The versions I'm listening too are excellently read by Timothy West, and as they are good long novels, I get great value for my audible credit.

My one complaint is the lack of knitters; political scandals - yes, hunting scenes - yes, romantic encounters - yes, but knitters - no. Or so I thought, until I got to book five The Prime Minster and in bustled Mrs Roby, the answer to my literary knitter prayers.

As soon as Mrs. Roby had gathered up her knitting, and declared, as she always did on such occasions, that she could go round the corner without having any one to look after her

Mrs Roby is a meddling aunt who helps the dastardly Ferdinand Lopez to marry her niece Emily Wharton, with predictably disastrously results. Sadly for Mrs Roby she is too much of a bit part to make it into the BBC's 1974 version of the Palliser, so instead I give you Susan Hampshire as Lady Glencora Palliser, avid to find out the latest news from HazWool

The news being that I have knitted over 50 squares for my blanket in the last two and a half week, that's right Lady Glen - 50+ square in little more than two weeks, and as of today I officially have three quarters of the blanket done.  Woop! Woop!