Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant

Or Happy Saint David's Day, for those who don't know Saint David is the patron saint of Wales. Dewi Sant was born in the sixth century and founded a monastery on the site of what is now St. David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, where he is buried. Saint David's Day is also my dad's birthday, making it an extra special day in my family. To mark the occasion the daffodils, the flower of Wales, have come out in my front garden.

Aside from making Welsh Cakes, a necessary task for a baking Welsh girl at this time of year, I been up to quite a few crafty things the last two weeks, but I never seem to find time to blog about them. 

I undertook another personal seasonal cooking tradition last week, when this box of marmalade oranges arrived for my from uncle in Sardinia.

I've blogged about making marmalade before, details here, but this year I received such a bumper crop I experimented, making a second trial batch of dark marmalade using treacle and brown sugar. (Art is the boyfriend's father, he is almost as big a marmalade fan as Paddington Bear; and conveniently has his birthday at the marmalade making time of year.)

While not jam making, I've been working on my sock yarn blanket and have worked over 100 squares since the start of the year - so it looks like I'm on track for getting it finished this year. And, in any remaining free time I've been doing some sewing and hope to have one, or possibly two, garments to blog about tomorrow.

And finally, a marmalade eating Paddington wishing Happy Birthday in Welsh, tying the treads of this slightly disjointed post together nicely!

Hwyl fawr am nawr