Literary Knitter of the Month - Mrs Utah Watkins

I was home in Wales last weekend, and on Saturday evening we headed to the New Theatre in Cardiff to see Clwyd Theatr Cymru's fantastic production of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood


For those who don't know in Under Milk Wood an omniscient narrator invites the audience to listen to the dream, lives and thoughts of the inhabitants of a fictional Welsh fishing village over the course of a day. The village is called Llareggub, which is bugger all backwards. Embarrassingly for a Welsh lass, I've never been to see Under Milk Wood, and I'm delighted I have now. The play is very clever and funny, and the cast and set were amazing. It was a really enjoyable evening, and the production is touring so if it is coming anywhere near you I would certainly recommend going to see it.

Much to my delight it also provided me with not one, but two literary knitters - just when I needed them! So taking them in the order they come in the text we have Mrs Utah Watson.

And high above, in Salt Lake Farm, Mr Utah Watkins counts, all night, the wife-faced sheep as they leap the fences on the hill, smiling and knitting and bleating just like Mrs Utah Watkins.

UTAH WATKINS (yawning)
Thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six, forty-eight, eighty-nine ...

Knit one slip one
Knit two together
Pass the slip stitch over.


  1. I really like this feature of you! Thanks for sharing!


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