Where does the time go?

Really, where does it go?

The clocks went forward a couple of weeks ago producing that Irish favourite 'a grand stretch in the evening'. I was feeling positive this would encourage me to get more done on weekday evenings, but alas, no.

It seems I'm not alone in the problem having too many things I want to get done and not enough time (Lucky Lucille blogged about the same issue last week). 

I have my sewing, knitting and baking, all of which I love, and then I need time to blog about them all. Plus, moving into our new house has created a whole new range of tasks/hobbies - gardening, decorating ... basically making our house a home.

It's not all bad, I have got some things done. The front garden is looking better but there is still lots to do, and we have hardly started on the house.

Knitting wise, my blanket is progressing not as fast as I would like, but it is moving forwards faster than it has for a couple of years. But as a result I haven't had time for any other knitting projects, and I only have one of my dad's birthday socks finished and his birthday was over a month ago.

I've not even started on my Sew for Victory 2.0 project (which is partly because I am prevaricating) but also because I decide to start with a test run project from Gertie's books to get me familiar with the sizing, instructions, etc. It's not quite finished yet (I never seem to find time!) but it's looking good so far; here is a sneaky peak - admire the bound button holes!

Were is all this reflection leading? To the obvious conclusion I need to pull my finger out and get going. So I'm off to dive into my knitting basket and get my blanket square done for the day.