Quick knits for tiny toes

After the mammoth knitting project that was completing my sock yarn blanket, I was in the mood for a quick knitting fix - and I have lots of small quantities of 4ply yarn to use up. I found the solution to this conundrum in the ongoing baby boom in my place of work and Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby.

Its a nice book, with some cute patterns in - although it seems that several of them were previously published in her others books, which is a bit naughty. I used up some of my leftovers in making a pair of cuff booties for a new born 

... and some socks for her older brother.

Quick, easy and satisfying.

The only change I made was to the toes of the socks; for some reason the pattern starts the decease before changing the colour, which seemed odd to me - so I started the toe decrease and changed the colour at the same time.