FO: Oh la la, nautical sweater

I've finished a knitting project, and its all for myself!

This pattern was a bit of a experiment for me to see if I could overcome by aversion to knitting with cotton. I've knitted a couple of items in cotton in the past, and not loved either knitting with it or the garments that I've made from them - I find they don't hold their shape.

In July Winnies' were having a sale on their Drop's cotton yarns, and I decided to give cotton one last go. I pick the pattern (Seberg Sweater) and decided to go with Drop's cotton viscose - it has both a beautiful shine and a lovely feel. 

My favourite thing about this top is the collar, I love the stripes and the drapes, which works very well in the cotton viscose. The project was a fairly easy and quick, and would have been quicker still if I hadn't set it up wrong. It's top down knitted in the round, but I managed to get myself muddled, and knit my two sleeves next to each other. Leading to ripping and associated cursing!

So, did the project convert me to knitting in cotton? Well possibly. The yarn does split easily when knitting, and that is a bit annoying. However, the finished fabric is very nice; soft, smooth and with a nice drape. I've only worn it once, so I can't comment on how well it holds it shape and how well it washes. If it holds its shape and washes well, then I probably would make something in this yarn again. In fact I already am making something, as I'm knitting a baby cardi with the left overs from this jumper.

Sorry about the quality of the photos today, my regular photographer is away and I'm having to manage as well as I can by myself!


  1. It's very beautiful and I love the stripy draped collar. Hope it does keep its shape and also its lovely sheen. Having your face obliterated by the camera is a novel way of addressing the fact that you hate having your photo taken!! Most effective!

  2. Stripes and drape really clever. Will be interested to hear how it wears.

  3. I love the middle photo! I really like the neckline on the jumper and it's a great colour.


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