Silence may not be golden but my new outfit is

I can't believe it has been over three weeks since I've blogged. Not really sure why, I've been knitting, sewing, baking and picking up gems in charity shops so I've had plenty to blog about - maybe I've been too busy? What ever the reason I'm back now, but where to start?

Well starting from where I left off, I'm going back to a Saturday in July when I meet my friend T for coffee. After we had finished some delicious sausage sandwiches, I tentatively suggest a visit to the near by charity shops. Tentative not because I thought she wouldn't want to go, but I'm not always good company when shopping (I get bored easily and then become a grouch) and I didn't know what kind of a shopper she was. Thankfully, it turned out we were well suited as shopping buddies, and we both picked up some great finds.

My favourite find was an amazing gold with black lace overlay skirt. It was too small at the waist, but a quick squint inside showed there was plenty of fabric turned in by the zip which could be let out. I'm very good at picking one exciting top or skirt and then never wearing it because I can't find anything to match it with. But it was my lucky day and I managed to pick up a top in another charity shop to go with the skirt.

A quick unpick of the zip allowed me to ease out of a bit of fabric and in no time the zip was back in and I could fit in the skirt.

I really need to learn to look happier in these photos, but I am delighted with my new outfit. Do you know what the best thing is about the skirt (aside from it being gold)? 

Well, you can do this ...

It certainly was a successful trip, and I'm delighted to say I'm meeting T for coffee again this Saturday :) 


  1. That is gorgeous! What an amazing outfit, you look terrific. When is your next Tea Dance date?


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