Practical sewing and baby knitting

In the past most of my dress making (especially when I'm making dresses) has been smart items for specific occasions. While these are lovely, there is a limit to the number of occasions on which they can be worn. Increasingly I've been making myself more practical everyday items, and been getting great pleasure out of wearing them. For example the tracksuit I made two years ago which I love, and the cycling top I made last year which I wear almost daily on my morning cycle to work. So for September I've decided to undertake some very practical sewing. I need some new t-shirts and tops for the weekends, so this is where I'm going to start my month of practical sewing. 

I've hunted through my fabric stash to dig out all the stretch fabric I have (the top three), and in another successful charity shop trawl with T I picked up three tops (the bottom three). All three are in good condition but could benefit from some up-cycling. 

On the knitting front, the unrelenting baby machine which is my place of work is gearing up and there will soon be several new arrival ready for knitted gifts. I had some cotton left over from my last project, and used this to whip up a baby cardigan.

The pattern is a free one I found on ravelry; simple, well designed and a delight to knit. Finished off with a couple of buttons from my stash.

I've cast on another project since finishing this, but its for the baby of a friend who has been known to read this blog, so I'm going to have to keep in under wraps for the time being - which is a great shame as I'm very excited about it.


  1. Really like the baby pattern, which will make for a very stylish baby.


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