Holiday knitting

Last week I spent a few days in Sardinia with my mum visiting my uncle. A week before I left I started thinking about what I would knit on my holidays. My main knitting project at the moment is big and bulky so wasn't really suitable to bring with me (especially as I only had hand luggage). I've been planning for a while to make a version of the shawl Linda wore on the Sewing Bee earlier in the years.

Linda's shawl was made using Kanui Wool 8/2 Effektgarn, which I was having trouble finding in Ireland, and I couldn't find a substitute I liked as much. I did by some Drops Delight with the idea of making the shawl from it, but I couldn't bring myself to start as I knew I would be dissatisfied with it. I finally decided to bite the bullet and order this wool on line, hoping it would arrive before I set of on holiday. Sadly it didn't.

Instead I set off with the pattern, and the Drops yarn I had originally bought so I would at least have something to knit. I think it has turned out well, although I don't like it as much as Linda's.

Although the yarn hadn't arrived before I went on my holiday, when I came back there was not one but two exciting parcels of yarn waiting on the doormat for me.

The first contained my ball of rainbow yarn, modestly orange and yellow on the outside, but with an exciting glimpse of the rainbow colours on the inside.

I ordered the wool from a Spanish store Naturalmente Lanas, as it was the nearest place that Ravelry identified as stocking it. Not only did they send the wool, but they also included two little stitch markers and a note.

How cute, well I must say thank you Dolors, I do like my new yarn!

The second parcel of yarn waiting for me when I got back from holiday was from S Twist Wool

I've blogged about S Twist before when he turned up at my knitting group in April with some samples. Well S Twist has just had a pattern designed especially for his wool, and I've been asked to be a test knitter for the pattern. Well, I'm delighted to help out and am looking forwards to working with S Twist's yarn again. 


  1. How delightful to get a little note and the stitch markers from the Spanish suppliers! That plus your invitation to be a test knitter really illustrates what a great community of knitters and sewers there is out there - all brought together so effectively via the internet. It's brilliant that although the haberdashers and wool shops which existed when I was little have all disappeared it is still possible to make your own stuff and be part of a community (and virtual community) of people with similar interests.


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