Knitting & Stitching Show - Ticket Giveaway Results

As promised I've made the draw for the free tickets to the Knitting and Stitching Show. To ensure fair play I employed an independent scrutineer to oversee the draw.

There were 13 comments on the post, but I didn't include the one from anonymous (as I had no way of contacting them), sparklydatepalm (as she said in the comment she couldn't go) and I counted Trish's two comments as one. This gave a total of 9 comments which I numbered 1 to 9 in the order they were posted, and using generated the three winners.

Drum roll please ...

And the winners are ...

Congratulations to MC, Trish and DublinDye. I'll be in touch today to arrange getting the tickets to you, and I hope that you enjoy the show.   


  1. What a lovely idea and congrats to the winners! Of course I would have loved to come but it's just a tad TOO far!

  2. Love your 'Independent scrutineer'


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