Happy New Year ... Danger Mouse

Happy New Year!

I know it has been a little while since I've blogged but I am back, by popular demand! Well a couple of people, including my mum (hello mum), asked when I was going to post again. I reckon that is popular demand.

I've had a busy time since I last posted, included a couple of disaster projects which I'm not going to share, but I've also had a couple of successes which I am going to show off. 

The first is my Christmas knitting project for my brother, who has been a willing (I think) recipient of knitted gifts in the past (see here and here). This year I decided to take on a bigger challenge and knit him a jumper, but not just any jumper a Danger Mouse jumper! 

Both he and I were huge Danger Mouse fans in our childhood. So much so that we even had a Danger Mouse knitting pattern knocking about the place.

I think I started knitting the Danger Mouse toy when I was little, but didn't finish it. However, I don't think either I, or my mum, ever attempted the jumper. I felt it was time to remedy this, although of course my brother is somewhat larger now.

Having consulted the brother on his requirements (a hoodie and long sleeves, he has very long arms) I found a suitable pattern on Ravelry, picked up some wool from Winnies and was ready to go.

The pattern called for aran yarn so I picked Drops Big Merino. I've used the 4-ply version a lot and find it very nice to knit with, plus it's machine washable so very practical.

It was only when I got to Danger Mouse that I realise my choice of pattern was not the most sensible. The body is knitted in the round, and as a result I had to keep carrying the coloured yarns back across to get it in the right place. However, I don't think I made too bad a job of it, and Danger Mouse is pretty recognisable.

Having struggled with Danger Mouse I did the DM logo on the sleeve by Swiss darning, which was much easier. I'm pretty please with the finished hoodie, it fits well and the sleeves (all 23 inches of them) are just the right length. Dan seems please with it too, which is the main thing.

And to finish this post on a high note, here is DM himself...


  1. Fabulous! I have a teenage mutant ninja turtles pattern but have not had the courage to knit it yet! Love the re-sizing of this.

    1. Thanks! You should certainly give the ninja turtles a go - I had lots of fun knitting Danger Mouse

  2. Looks as great in reality as in the photo!


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