Full of good intentions

I started January with a good intentions and set out my resolutions for my knitting and sewing year. Sadly, all my good intentions lead to very little for the rest of the month.

Having started my stash busting Lauriel early in the month, I then cast on two new project for which I had to buy new yarn. Both are gifts (a belated Xmas one and a forthcoming birthday) so I have an excuse but still, 10 projects this year using yarn (mainly) from my stash is looking like a tall order! However, by way of inspiration and to answer ardechewalks request, here is the pattern pic of Lauriel.

To get back to my lack of progress, having made lots of very clear (read ambitions) resolutions for my sewing I completely froze! I didn't know how or where to start ... I was seriously lacking sewing mojo.

I finally broke out of this rut with a quick and easy project - pants/knickers/smalls, what ever you want to call them - I've made some.

I've made pants before, using Gertie's pattern, which uses jersey which stretches both ways. However, the pattern I used this time, from the Secrets of Sewing Lingerie, uses fabric with stretch in only one direction. Luckily, I have some little bits and pieces of left overs just right for this project.

The pants on the left are made from some left overs of fabric I picked up in Barcelona some years ago, the pants on the right are made from some fake liberty fabric - or 'flibity fabric' as my friend T christened it - love it!

Making the pants reinvigorated my sewing, and I spent a long evening tidying my sewing room and clearing out a load of half finished projects which have been lingering around for months. I'm not saying I will never go back to them, but for now they are out of sight and out of mind, and I'm not feeling guilty every time I look at them. It has been both a cathartic and useful experience, and I have now embarked with new energy on my sewing. I've nearly finished a pair of trousers for work (using only material and notions from my stash) and have lots of ideas for what to make next.

I've also decided to take part in Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect series. This was originally run last year and I had intended to take part, but never quite did. However, its being re-run this year and I am going to do it this time. All my cogitating in January has made me realise that I tend to make individual items because I've found some nice fabric, without thinking about how I'm going to wear them with the clothes I already have. So, I'm hoping taking part is going to help me reflect on what I make and construct a more wearable wardrobe. Although, I retain the right to still make some completely impractical and unnecessary items!