Dr Bambo's New Clothes

Earlier this week my friend's little boy had to go into hospital to have his tonsils taken out. As part of the preparations for this he got new PJs, but what about Bambo his faithful friend? Bambo came with one suit of clothes, but after a while they were not looking a smart as they once had.  I volunteered (or is that was volunteered) to make Bambo's new PJs.

I used Bambo's old clothes as a template; the top is a like-for-like copy in jersey fabric. Bambo originally came wearing shorts made of jersey fabric, but I decided he could do with some long trousers (didn't want Bambo getting cold knees in hospital). I used the originally as a pattern, but extended the length, and as the originals were fairly loose fitting I thought it would be OK to change to cotton instead of stretch fabric. 

Bambo's PJs were a big hit, and I was soon asked to make another pair. Bambo had seen some rather lovely robot fabric he fancied for his next outfit. As it was only a fat quarter I didn't have enough for full length trousers, so this time Bambo got some shorts.

I'd rather got into the swing of making Bambo clothes, and I decided that I would turn out one more outfit. As the whole reason for starting on Bambo's clothes had been a visit to hospital, I decided that what Bambo really needed was a doctor's outfit - made from genuine hospital scrubs.

Dr Bambo was quite the hit when he went into hospital on Wednesday and, thankfully, in no small part due to Dr Bambo I'm sure, the operation went through without a hitch and the patient is well on the way to recovery.


  1. What a lovely post. Love the doctor's outfit. :)

  2. I'm glad to see that there was enough of the Scottie fabric you used to line my bag left to make long PJ trousers for Bambo!

  3. This is the moment when I know that my English is not good enough to express how I really feel.I'm so grateful to have a friend like you. Thank you for all the lovely clothes for Bambo. J. says " Bambo is the part of family" he loves him so much and his new wardrobe:) this is all so special to us- thank you xxx


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