Vintage pattern giveaway!

Way back in May I was lucky enough to win a parcel of vintage sewing patterns that Kestrel Makes was giving away as part of a Vintage Pattern Pyramid. (The winner takes the patterns they want from the parcel, and replaces them with ones they no longer want from their stash). It was great timing for me, a we were mid building works on the house, and I was being forcefully kept away from my sewing machine. Receiving the patterns really cheered me up, and I'm just so ashamed that its taken me nearly 3 months to pass them on. In my defense for most of that time my pattern stash has been boxed up and out of easy reach, but it is all unpacked now, and I'm ready to share the Vintage Pattern Pyramid love.

This is what I received in the parcel from Kestrel Makes;

After much thought I decided to keep these two patterns for myself;

And as I was feeling generous (and was mid-clear out) I've added these four patterns to the parcel;

So, if you would like to win this bundle of vintage patterns as part of the Vintage Pattern Pyramid just leave a comment on this post, making sure your email is included or can be easily found in your profile. Comments must be made by 5pm UK time on Sunday 16th August, and a winner will be picked at random.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Great choices! I added the nightwear one and I already have the Simplicity one, so we must be on the same wavelength :-) (also, don't include me for the giveaway, obvs!)

    1. That's so funny, what are the chances :) Have you ever made the Simplicity shirt?

  2. I am certain that I made Simplicity 7583 in emerald green sail cloth, with no pockets, sleeves or collar and LIVED in it all through the summer of 1967!!


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