Charity Shop Fabric Haul

Just a quick post today to get me back into the swing of posting. I've had a few busy week at work, followed by a week's holiday (very nice thank you) and need to get back into the blog habit.

I've a haul of fabric from my latest charity shopping trip to show off. My usual partner in charity shopping crime is away on her hols, but my friend M stood in as a more than adequate substitute. In the second shop we visited I came across a box of fabric, by the looks of it the remnants of someones stash from several decades ago (some of the original prices still attached to the fabric remnants would make you weep). Most of the fabrics was lining material in a range of pastel shades, but there were a couple of gems.

I settled on these four; I love the two green, black and white fabrics (there is between 1.5 and 2 meters of  each of these), the 2 meters of red lining fabric was a practical buy, and I couldn't resist the little piece of pattern blue, probably only a yard. 

The pricing was egalitarian after a fashion, 2 euro a piece, although for some reason the very nice lady at the counter decided one of my pieces was 'very small' and I was only changed 6 for the lot - bargain!

When I got home I delightedly showed my new acquisitions to the boyfriend whose laconic comment was 'Excellent, more fabric, just what we need'. Me thinks he might have been being sarcastic!